We are a community; it is a place where you can feel comfortable walking into, and where you will feel a glow when you leave. Our classes will challenge you, as we believe that it is through physical challenge that your mind and soul grow, and your overall health improves. We offer a variety of structured classes, each featuring a touch of our teachers’ unique styles, to allow you to choose your practices and continually witness your own progression – both in and out of the studio. There are differences between every mind, every body, every soul, and every practice; our goal is for you to ignite your own strengths in an environment that is safe and inspiring.




Purchase any of the following passes and have access to Spin, Hot Yoga, SurfSET Fitness & Barre classes.

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FRIDAY NIGHT slow flow & restorative (NEW)






    •    One Month of unlimited regular-scheduled classes.



Class passes expire 1 year from date of purchase  



All Access Passes include all regularly-scheduled classes; limit 1 Fitness (Spin, Surf, Barre, HIIT, etc.) per day, but can combine those with a Hot Yoga class to make it a double, when the schedule allows.


All above prices do not include G.S.T.

Calgary school teachers, full-time students, seniors (55+), police and corrections officers, firefighters, paramedics, military, and AHS employees are eligible for a 15% discount on class pricing options, excluding Monthly Easy Pay passes and other discounted pricing options.

Corporate discounts are available - please have your organization contact us. Private/private group classes are also available - please contact us to discuss. Group SurfSET/Spin/Hot Yoga classes can be a great team-building event, or just a fun outing with a group of friends!


The fine print:

All classes are based on a first come, first serve basis. Please try to book your classes in advance in order to guarantee your spot. Prices and schedule are subject to change without notice. All passes are non-refundable, non-shareable, and non-transferrable. Please refer to our Mindbody account for more details on our policies.



I first landed on my mat in 2006 through a registered class put on by the corporate company I work with. Over the next 6 years I practiced yoga with one teacher in small groups and the odd private session. That teacher introduced me to a foundation of asana, pranayama, and bandhas. Many years later these remain the foundation of my personal practice and what I love to teach. I believe that cultivating energy, creativity and functional movement in our practice brings greater agility to our bodies and our minds. Yoga has taught me that everything is a choice and that if we choose to show up for ourselves anything is possible.

I believe that Illume is community. That our team and our clients are an extension of our own families. That this is a place where people come to learn, to grow and to connect. When not teaching or taking classes you’ll find me supporting our Illume team from behind the scenes. Join our community and be illuminated!



I have lived quite an active lifestyle from a young age, and because of that, have cycled through many different phases and practices. I have always loved when I can make it to my mat, but my true love for yoga began while dealing with a serious knee injury. For the first time in my life, I felt completely lost. I was desperate to find myself again, physically and mentally. I was forced to slow down and to heal. I remember one class in particular; really pushing myself to flow through postures and a stubborn state of mind. We were near the end of class and it took one big cry in savasana to realize this practice is exactly what I had been searching for. I continue to be grateful for the way I feel connecting mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually each time I roll out my mat. It is my humble hope that I can encourage and inspire others while sharing pieces of me with every class I teach. I hope to help people recognize their endless potential and achieving goals so they are able to continue to grow into better versions of themselves. In my classes, I try to blend my background in science with knowledge I have learnt though my practice and teachings while keeping classes light hearted and fun — so expect funky beats, big smiles and juicy flows!

I can't wait to meet you and to see you on the mat!



When Nadine is not sitting at her desk crunching numbers or being a wife and mom of twins, you’ll find her encouraging others to challenge themselves outside their comfort zones, whether that be in boot camp or her new found love of spin. Nadine’s attention to form will help you succeed physically and unleash the strongest, most vibrant version of yourself, all while rocking out to the tunes and having fun on the bike or on the mat.
I want my team to feel energized and realize their power is limitless. “Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”



By day I am a part time stay at home Mom to my 2 amazing kids and yellow lab Cruz and the rest of my week is spent working as the admissions coordinator at a private school for the coolest students on the autism spectrum.
I am passionate and love all 3 of my jobs.

SurfSet fell into my lap and after my first class I was hooked. I hope that when people come to my classes they too fall in love with the board and leave feeling stronger!

My guilty pleasures are ice cream, red wine and sloth videos. I love the lake and heading to the mountains with my family.
I am constantly striving to be the best me I can be, not only to be the best role model for my kids but so I can be the best Mom to them, the best wife, sister, daughter and friend. Taking time to better yourself every single day is something that is so important to me and I celebrate all my surfers who spend those 45 minutes each day for themselves! That post surf glow is real!



My first spin class was back in 2010. I remember feeling nervous and unsure of what to expect. It was a great sweat, to good music, in a motivating group atmosphere that kept me coming back. A few years later I was introduced to spin class in a dark room with club lighting and the latest in sound technology. It was a next level experience for me - a fantastic workout that felt like a pumped up party! I have been a spin ADDICT ever since, and finally built up the courage to be on stage and share that passion with others. My classes are high energy and fast-paced to the hardest beats. If you like good hard beats, plus love to sweat, come ride with me! Outside the studio you’ll find me being a busy husband and dad, snowboarding, playing golf, or traveling every chance I get.



Melissa’s journey at Illume started on the surfboard. She was instantly drawn to the studio because of its welcoming vibe and community feel. Soon after, she was talked into trying a spin class and immediately loved it! Melissa enjoys the fast-paced workout and upbeat tunes followed by that amazing post-spin high!

While riding in Melissa’s class, expect to be motivated to push past your own personal barriers to reach higher goals, there are no limits!

Melissa is a mortgage underwriter by day, spin instructor by night!! She is also a mother to a sassy little 2 year-old daughter Emryelle, and wife to Faustino.

Melissa has a deep-rooted love for all things music and dancing, you can always count on her to be the last one on the dance floor! Her passions include travelling, camping and Latin dancing!

Melissa’s amazing playlists and awesome choreography makes any class feel like a dance party on a bike! Catch her fun and empowering classes, throwing all kinds of tunes including her most favourite...country!!!!



Desiree always knew fitness would be a big part of her life ever since she was a child as she learned about dance, gymnastics, figure skating and cheerleading. However, her yoga & barre journey began with Illume a few years ago. It was her desire to be more active, build strength and flexibility, as well as gain confidence and self-empowerment that first brought her to the mat and barre.

After completing her barre instructor training through barre movement, she wants to share with everybody how the barre, ball and band can work out the entire body. Her main focus during her classes is to make sure her students never doubt what they are capable of as well as feel stronger and better about themselves. She believes that there is always room for growth and progress!

When she is not at the studio teaching classes, she is working as a primary care coordinator educator, walking her dog, or spending time with friends and family.

Catch her classes on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons!



Kat has a strong passion for fitness and music. The combination of both ledto her great love of Spin. Kat is a strong believer that exercise and activity fuels us with energy and revives happiness and that spin does just that by elevating our physical self through music and movement. The spin room is a place where she can share her passion, and energy, challenging herself and others to push past their minds and bodies as far as they are willing to go.

Fitness has always been a way of life for Kat. From soccer and kickboxing to competitive bodybuilding as a Fitness model in WBFF have all helped to fuel a desire to find her best self. Shortly after competing in WBFF Kat became pregnant with her son, and while trying to get back into shape she discovered Spin and found a new passion. A few years of spinning as a rider grew into her journey of becoming an instructor. Outside of the studio Kat holds down a full time corporate career, is a mother and wife to an amazing family and an active part of our community.



Yoga is very personal to me as I started my own practise at a very emotional and difficult time.

My very first teacher held space for everything I brought with me and I desire to do the same for my own students.

My favourite thing about yoga is that it can be meditative in nature, allowing one to turn inward and connect with their body and breath.



Aditi is a registered yoga teacher with more than 300 hours of Yoga training as well as has several other certifications to her credit, like Rainbow Kids and Family Yoga, Yin, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, Barre and AFLCA.

Twenty years ago, Aditi's Grandmother introduced her to yoga and she has been in love ever since. She took her first teacher training at Tandava Yoga Institute in Kelowna, BC and since has taught across Calgary. Her 2nd child Om, was born with a rare skin disorder and through the process of becoming a yoga instructor, Aditi found a place to heal, release stress, grow as a parent and ultimately become a stronger parent.

As an instructor, Aditi creates a relaxed and safe environment for students to experience the benefits of a balanced yoga practice. With a strong emphasis on alignment and tuning to the body's own wisdom, she guides all levels of practitioners to acknowledge the individual needs and aim for mindful movements. Her favourite pose is Sarvangasna (shoulder stand) because it's queen of all the postures. She finds it both stimulating and grounding at the same time.

image3 (2).jpeg


Amanda Iandolo is a new instructor to Illume, and currently teaches Barre Movement.

She is a 2017 University of Calgary graduate and has studied abroad in New York and England!

Amanda is an actress, teacher, dancer, writer and director here in Calgary and is so excited to share her
passion for movement through Barre classes with you.

Amanda has experience in ballet, jazz
and modern dance and currently is conducting her own movement research in Embodied and
5Rhythms Movement.

If you love working up a sweat, feeling inspired and want to build a
dancer body, join Amanda for Barre Movement class on Sunday’s at 4:15PM.



Chantelle first fell in love with spin back in 2015 after feeling exhilarated from her very first class.

The moment she walked in the room, she was terrified but felt so accomplished after completing her first class that she knew she had to share her experience with everyone she knows!

She completed the 50-Hour Om Cycle Indoor Cycle training under the beautiful sun in Costa Rica where she learned how to create the safe space she loves while getting your body moving!

In her spin class, she focuses on structure and proper form while delivering a fun, kick-ass sweaty workout!

When Chantelle isn't on the bike, you'll catch her at home cooking delicious meals and spoiling her fur babes! She also has a passion for essential oils and enjoys a good glass of wine, because it's all about balance!



Nicole Found herself on a yoga mat for the first time in 2012. She joined her sister in a hot yoga class. It was not love at first downward dog, but week after week something kept bringing her back to the mat. As she noticed changes in her body, she also noticed changes in her mind and spirit. Yoga became a part of her life. It gave her the space where she could let go and just be. In the spring of 2018 an opportunity arose for her to complete her 200-yoga teacher training and she dove in full force.

When not on her mat, this mom of two, can be found working on her Social Work diploma at Mount Royal University, or at the gym hitting the weights. Her happy place is being with her husband, son and daughter. Lover of nature and all things outdoors, you can be sure her classes will challenge you, while at the same time bringing a “don’t take yourself too seriously” attitude!



Kelly is a Calgary born adventure seeking sport enthusiast. She committed most of her life playing competitive soccer which led her to complete her BSc. Kinesiology. Now as a Physical Education teacher her passion is to inspire her students to be the best versions of themselves through fitness and health.

Three years ago Kelly discovered SURFSET Fitness and has been teaching classes ever since. She loves sharing how much fun working out can be on the board no matter the fitness level. With a work hard, play harder kind of attitude Kelly brings a ton of energy to her classes and will leave you sweating.

When she is not teaching you can find Kelly in the mountains snowboarding, hiking, planning her next surfing adventure, running with her dog or enjoying craft beer with her friends.



I have been practicing yoga for ten years. Over the last few years, my practice became a lot more personal and breathing focused. I am so excited to have the opportunity to guide classes and share that experience of mindful movement with others!
I love to run. I love to box. I recently started certifying to be a personal trainer because I’d like to know even more about anatomy and the body. My husband introduced me to road cycle two years ago- it is so much fun! I have two big dogs. I love them to death. When I am not busy being active and finding ways to sweat, I am likely at home fussing over those two big beasts. I am passionate about healthy eating and the amazing effects good nutrition has on the mind/body. I am currently, very slowly, finishing my degree in Linguistics at the U of C. I can’t wait to be able to edit/freelance as a professional. I look forward to practicing with you!



Connect, Adjust and things will align!
200 HR RYT
30 HR Yin/Restorative
Touch and Release The touch effect: adjusting workshop
Started my journey with yoga practice 2008, because i was
searching for some physical relief, only to learn that i was
disconnected from myself. I decided 2017, I wanted to have a
deeper growth and understanding in my own practice.
My desire to teach was not my priority and what i set out to
do, but because and the way i grew, emotionally, physical and
spiritually, I had this CRAZY feeling inside me that i needed
to share this with others so they could experience this
peaceful, balanced way of everyday life, so grateful to have
found and want to spread to others.
Passionate about the Helping every person to experience the
JOY of finding their true self authenticity that everyone has
inside of them, Providing a safe non judgmental space for
healing and encouragement of balance, Physical growth,
mindfulness and spiritual being. Many of us seem to lose
touch with ourselves, reconnecting with yourself will bring
that balanced magic to others around you and create healthy
positive environment for loved ones, friends and co workers.

Nurture, Strength and Restore
Connect, Adjust and things will align!

Spread love and awareness to make every single person
valued and supported through their journey.

Connecting with nature, through hikes, snowshoes and any
other outdoor activities. I built a headboard for my daughter
for Christmas. Favorite drink to order is good old TEQUILA!!



Steph’s love for yoga began well over ten years ago, and like many - she was hooked from her first practice. Graduating from the University of Alberta with a degree in Elementary Education in 2004, Steph loved the classroom but understood that she was meant to teach in alternative environments. After the birth of her third child, Steph took the ultimate plunge and enrolled in her first of many Yoga teacher trainings. She completed her RYT 200 in 2017, and shortly after obtained her Pre Natal 85 and Barre instructor credentials. Steph believes that Yoga is about community, and strives to bring a sense of humour, self awareness and love of movement to each class that she teaches. When she isn’t teaching, you can find Steph wrangling in her three wild and free red heads, with her nose in a book, travelling, eating, running, drinking wine, spending time with her girl friends - and most pertinently, on her mat.



Teaching Spin & Yoga are 2 of my passions in life. I have been going to spin class for 5.5 years & teaching Spin Class for over 3 years. I am a high-energy guy, & my passion clearly comes out in class.

I offer a high-intensity spin class that is based on interval training, which in my opinion, is the best way to strengthen the body, mind & spirit. It neither matters what level of fitness you are at, nor what injuries you are rehab'ing.

My class is open & accepting of everyone I constantly encourage you to check-in
with your body & make this ride YOUR ride. Throughout the class, I constantly give you plenty of options so as to make it the best experience for you. If my class is your 1st spin class ever, I will make sure you are set-up properly on the bike & will give you a couple suggestions as to how to get the greatest benefit from the class.

I am all about your safety, & at the same time, challenging the body. I will also check-in with you after class to see how you feel & see what we can do to make your next class more enjoyable & challenging.

I have been practicing yoga since 2005 & have been teaching Yoga since 2016. I have practiced every kind of yoga there is, and my current favourites are Yin, Yin/Yang, Restorative & Gentle Flow. In my Yin & Restorative practices, I integrate meditation right into the practice for an even richer, deeper experience.

I also love to combine Spin & Yin into a combination class. It is an amazing combination! I look forward to seeing you in class and take care, Jamie



Steve grew up playing team sports and was always a bit of a gym rat. Sometimes work/life would get in the way and after too many years of being absent from a fit lifestyle, he came back. Spin and yoga became a passion when he started his road to forty in 2017 after promising to make a healthy change to his mother before she passed.

Spin has become so much more than a “good sweat” with the community he loves so much; it is a time to clear the mind, let go and just be free with the music.

After a significant improvement in his own fitness, Steve wanted to take a more active role and inspire others with their fitness journey. Steve has enjoyed expanding his knowledge by attending Om Cycle indoor cycling training in Costa Rica, followed by intense work with Training with Tash.

At Illume, Steve hopes to create a safe, supportive, and maybe a bit crazy environment, with an opportunity to feel all those feels on the bike. Steve hopes to continue to grow and is planning on completing his yoga training when time permits.

Outside of the studio, you will find him enjoying his time with his wife, their four dogs and three cats and fills his “spare” time with many hobbies. Being an avid gardener, outdoorsman, target shooter, tattoo addict, and gear head keeps him running. His latest endeavor is trying his hand at beekeeping right here in NW Calgary.

Chances are if you come for a sweat with Steve you will have more in
common than a good workout.



In 2013 I decided to take my 200hr yoga teacher training. At this time I had only done a handful of classes but my intuition and heart told me this was something I needed in my life. When asked "why do I want to become a Yoga teacher?" the answer was simple, to help alleviate the pain and suffering of others. The teacher training forever changed me, in respect to how I see the world and how I observe myself in it. As a person who has struggled with anxiety my entire life, I came to find that yoga was the true rescuer of my soul and it was something that has always been a part of me and is a part of everyone. "Yoga" meaning "union" is the “union of body, mind and soul".

In 2018 not very long after my youngest was born I tried a BUTI Yoga class. I had never experienced anything like it! It was the most empowering, confidence building practice I had ever done. I knew right then and there I just had to teach it! Shortly after, through a lot of hard work and dedication I was BUTI certified and began teaching. I find the balance of practicing both BUTI Yoga and Yoga is integral for our souls.

When I am not on the mat you will find me at home raising 2 brilliant beings, or travelling anywhere that has a beach or pool!

I feel absolutely blessed to be a part of the Illume team! I can’t wait to breath, sweat, transform and shake it out on the mat with all you beautiful souls!!


2060 Symons Valley Pkwy NW, Unit 2016
Calgary, AB   T3P 0M9
Studio: (403) 454-9642

We are open 20 minutes before every class, and often we lock the doors during and between classes. The best way to reach us is by stopping in during these times, or via email, or the form below.




Are you a certified instructor who has been to Illume, and wants to be a part of our family? Please feel free to send your resume and certificates to us! 


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