Are you ready to shake up your routine & see real results?

Our School of Thought

Let’s shake things up, literally. SURFSET® is all about getting away from the traditional static workout and challenging your body in new ways. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core & stabilizer muscles and shock the system to create real change inside & out. You have to train like an athlete to build an athletic body type, and that means multi-planar movements that engage the body & mind in challenging and unique ways.

The traditional image of a surfer’s body is lean and long-limbed, with tight, well-defined muscles and very little body fat.

A surfer is lean without looking weak, and muscular without the bulk. Sharp muscle lines are perfectly symmetrical, and overall body balance creates that enviable athletic physique. Paddling builds shoulder definition, strengthens the lower back muscles, and increases cardiovascular fitness. The pop-up maneuver engages the core and pectoral muscles, and helps to build explosive power. And the actual process of standing and riding the wave increases leg strength, flexibility, and engages all the postural muscles.

Core Strength

Everything stems from the core. SURFSET® will turn your abs into a six-pack powerhouse through instability training that requires focus & control. And progression is the name of the game. Our workouts are designed with a built in facility to continually challenge & push through plateaus.

Fat Burn

Intervals of high-intensity aerobic training on the board will build your endurance & torch body fat. We believe that short bursts of high energy are the most effective way to change the shape of your body without causing prolonged use injuries or allowing your system to accommodate & stop seeing change

Lean Muscle

Surfers are the perfect picture of long & lean. SURFSET® promotes compound & functional movements that challenge all the tiny little stabilizers in your body along with the major muscle groups to shape toned & strong limbs and rev up your metabolism. We promise you’ll start seeing & feeling results in less than a week.

Our Fitness Mission

We don’t believe in isolation. We can’t isolate our muscles from one another, or our bodies from their environment. SURFSET® is a full body approach inspired by one of the world’s most athletic sports, and the benefits are not limited to one field of fitness. We draw from the real movements of surfing to create workouts that build balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle & coordination. SURFSET® classes are structured for optimal fat burn, muscle build & improved balance. 45 minutes of surf-inspired movements structured in intervals to push past plateaus. Imagine combining the cardio benefits of Spinning® with the muscle benefits of TRX® training & the core benefits of working out on a Bosu® ball. Now throw in some waves & make it fun!

class descriptions


SURFSET Build focusses on strength and definition. Get shredded with targeted bodyweight and resistance circuit training. 


SURFSET Burn is a high-tempo workout that torches fat and tones your core in high intensity intervals.


SURFSET Balance is focusses on dynamic balance, core strength, flexibility, stability, and body control.


SURFSET Flow is similar to the flow classes that you would see in our yoga studio, only this one is on a surf board! Linking your breath to your movements, you will challenge your balance, core, and stability. 


SURFSET PULSE is a barre-inspired class; it focusses on targeting multiple muscle groups by pulsing, holding, and stretching various movements. Receive the benefits of a barre class, while standing on a surfboard to add an extra core and stability challenge!


SURFSET Blend is an interval-based core session combines all of the other sessions and has been named one of the world's most effective total body workouts.