be illuminated


be punctual

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class. If you arrive 5 minutes or less before class, we cannot guarantee entry, and the doors may be locked. Please note that we cannot allow in the room once the class has started. Any late arrivals/no shows will be subject to our cancellation policy (see below).

  • Late cancellations or no shows will be automatically charged a class off a class pass, or if you are on an unlimited pass, $10 will be charged to the credit card on file (or you will be required to bring it in before your next class if you do not have a card on file). If you are on a waitlist and cannot make it, please be sure to pull yourself off, otherwise the same rules above will apply. Cancellation requirements are 30 minutes for Hot Yoga and 12 hours for all other classes.

be quiet

  • Silence can be the greatest gift that we can offer others. Please, no talking or whispering in hot studio (before, during, or after class). Same rules do not apply in the Surf/Spin studio! 

  • Please use a quiet voice outside of the studios (reception, halls, change rooms).

  • If cell phones are brought into the building, the ringers must be shut off (in change rooms as well). Please note that cell phones are not permitted in the yoga studio.

be safe

  • Please do not bring personal belongings in the yoga studio (cell phones, bags, keys, etc.); water, mats, & towels only are permitted in the room. Some personal belongings may be brought into Surf/Spin studio, but they must be put in the designated spot. 

  • Leave valuables at home.

  • Glass bottles can be dangerous in the studio if broken - please do not bring any glass into the building.

  • Please save headstands/handstands for designated workshops. Although you might be safe doing them, it could encourage a non-experienced yogi to try without the proper guidance.

  • Listen to your body. Rest out as soon as you feel you need to - teachers even do it all the time. Remember that you are safest in the room with the instructor - rushing for the door can create your body to panic. The best remedy is to just lay out and enjoy the heat. 

be clean

  • Please only use your lemongrass towels on your skin, not to clean mats or floors.

  • No shoes past reception, and please ensure you have clean feet and hands in the studio.

be mindful

  • If you’re resting before or during the class, please do so by laying on your back or in child’s pose, in order to allow privacy to your fellow yogis.

  • Request studio’s permission before taking any photos taken inside surf/spin studio. Photos are prohibited in yoga studio.

  • Avoid scents, as they enhance in the studio.

  • Prepare to stay in the classroom for the entire class; it’s important for the energy of the class and other yogis that everyone starts and finishes together. You’re welcome and encouraged to lay out for as much of the class as you’d like. If you must leave the room, please signal the instructors to let them know if you require assistance. If your schedule does not permit you to complete the entire class, please choose another class that works better.

be illuminated

  • Enjoy, relax, and know that you are part of our family.