We are a community; it is a place where you can feel comfortable walking into, and where you will feel a glow when you leave. Our classes will challenge you, as we believe that it is through physical challenge that your mind and soul grow, and your overall health improves. We offer a variety of structured classes, each featuring a touch of our teachers’ unique styles, to allow you to choose your practices and continually witness your own progression – both in and out of the studio. There are differences between every mind, every body, every soul, and every practice; our goal is for you to ignite your own strengths in an environment that is safe and inspiring.


Hot 26

Formerly known as Hot Traditional, our Hot 26 classes consist of a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. The practice is designed for all levels, and includes both a standing series and a floor series. This therapeutic yet challenging class systematically works the entire body, incorporating strength, balance and flexibility. The class will stimulate your mind, and restore and reshape your body. Regular practice can also reduce chronic pain and rehab injuries, while providing peace of mind. You will improve your self-control and focus in this class, for all aspects of your life – improving your overall mental and physical health.

Hot Flow

This class links breath to dynamic movement to get the heart rate up and to challenge the student in balance, cardio, strength and technique. Flowing from one posture to the next will help you to develop physically and mentally, improve your flexibility, and increase your overall fitness and energy levels.

Hot Fusion 

This class combines postures and movements from our Hot 26 and Hot Flow classes, to give you the best of both practices.

Hot Yin

Developed to expand flexibility by penetrating deep into connective tissues within the body, Yin classes aid healing, increase circulation in the joints, and improve energy. Most of the class consists of floor work at a slow-pace, and poses are held for long periods of time. 

hot slow flow

This soothing class allows you to flow slowly through postures, while mindfully using your breath. Great for beginners who want an introduction to Flow, as well as seasoned practitioners who want to slow their Flow practice down. 

Hot Happy Hips 

Flow through a variety of poses designed to strengthen and open your hips and the muscles that depend on them; release tension and negative emotions, improve alignment, and ease back pain. 

Hot Core Flow

Flow through a variety of poses in a class designed to target your core and spine. Moving with breath, balancing, and a floor series to strengthen the core and spine will all be incorporated in this class.


SURFSET Build focusses on strength and definition. Get shredded with targeted bodyweight and resistance circuit training. 


SURFSET Burn is a high tempo workout that torches fat and tones your core in high intensity intervals.

surfset flow

SURFSET Flow is similar to the flow classes that you would see in our yoga studio, only this one is on a surf board! Linking your breath to your movements, you will challenge your balance, core, and stability. 

Surfset pulse

SURFSET PULSE is a barre-inspired class; it focusses on targeting multiple muscle groups by pulsing, holding, and stretching various movements. Receive the benefits of a barre class, while standing on a surfboard to add an extra core and stability challenge!

surfset blend

SURFSET Blend is an interval-based core session combines all of the other sessions and has been named one of the world's most effective total body workouts.


The lights are low and the energy is high in our 45-minute spin classes. Clip in with us to ride to the beat of fun music, and leave feeling illuminated and inspired.


Similar to our regular Spin classes, but these ones are 30 minutes - allowing you time to get in for one of our other Hot Yoga or SurfSET classes afterwards, if you choose. 

yoga sculpt

Combining breath, movement, and weights, this strength-training class will get you working your entire body, from the inside out.


Strengthen, tone and stretch in these low-impact classes that combine the use of a bar, weights, and other sculpting equipment.


Torch calories and increase metabolism in this High Intensity Interval Training class, combined with core and breath work.