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Community-focussed boutique studio in Northwest Calgary with classes in Hot Yoga and SurfSET Fitness


Our Vision

Illume is a community; it is a place where you can feel comfortable walking into, and where you will feel a glow when you leave. Our classes will challenge you, as we believe that it is through physical challenge that your mind and soul grow, and your overall health improves. We offer a variety of structured classes, each featuring a touch of our teachers’ unique styles, to allow you to choose your practices and continually witness your own progression – both in and out of the studio. There are differences between every mind, every body, every soul, and every practice; our goal is for you to ignite your own strengths in an environment that is safe and inspiring.

Our Studio

We pride ourselves on providing a clean, comfortable, welcoming, and environmentally-friendly space. Our change rooms are equipped with showers and amenities to help get you through the day.

With the environment in mind, our walls were painted with low-VOC paints, our flooring is eco-friendly, and our cleaners are non-harmful.

We have a filtered water station for you to fill your own water bottles; please note that we have made a decision not to sell bottled water.

Get illuminated in one (or both) of our studios:

Hot Studio

Our Yoga Sanctuary

Classes will be heated approximately 35-40 degrees using far infrared heating panels. While being an aid to get into your poses safely, far infrared heating panels use similar rays of energy as the sun, and are known to improve blood circulation and metabolism, stimulate weight loss, increase white blood cells, aid in healing, make skin appear more healthy and youthful, improve flexibility and joint mobility, reduce swelling, and much more. Also, the technology used is similar to that used in baby incubators and therapeutic saunas!

Sacred silence is observed; please do not talk or whisper. This quiet stillness is one of the greatest gifts we give each other and ourselves.

SurfSET Studio


Talking, laughing, and maybe even a little groaning are welcomed during SurfSET classes!

Surfboards have antimicrobial mats, and are cleaned after each use with eco-friendly cleaners.

Our Teachers

  • Bobbi

    Tell us a bit about who you are:
    I am a mom to two beautiful little boys, a night owl, a small town girl by nature, and a beach bum by heart (I love Kuai & Destin beaches best).

    What training have you completed?

    I have completed my 200-hour RYT with Alberta Hot Yoga Teacher Training, 100-Hour Baptiste Hot Yoga Training, and Level 1 Baptiste Art of Assisting.

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    Believe it or not, an article in a fitness magazine. It looked interesting, I was in need of a change, and now I am hooked!

    What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?
    Crow – I feel very strong in the pose.

    Where is the coolest place you’ve done yoga?
    On the beach in Costa Rica. The instructor said “Close your eyes,” and I said “No Way!”

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    I get a strange idea in my head just from seeing or reading something new, and I just want to try it.

    Favourite Surf Fun Fact
    We are not the only mammals good at surfing – dolphins are great too (if not better)!

  • Lindsay

    Tell us a bit about who you are:
    I am an absolute lover of the outdoors; I cannot look at any of our beautiful Rocky Mountains without wanting to hike them all. I used to play competitive soccer, but unfortunately tore my ACL and was forced to let it go. This turned into a blessing in disguise though, as it led me to finding my way to yoga.
    I have a degree in Kinesiology, which has helped me in my practice and knowing what is going on in my body.

    What training have you completed?

    I completed my 200-Hour RYT with Kim McMullen at Alberta Hot Yoga Teacher Training, and I am also a certified Surfset Fitness Instructor.

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    I came into my yoga practice 10 years ago, when a friend dragged me reluctantly to a hot yoga class after my soccer injury. Within 5 minutes, I was a hot and sweaty mess, completely hooked on this magical feeling of community. I love that each time I come back to yoga, I feel empowered. My practice may not always look or feel the same, but I am constantly inspired and challenged in all aspects of life – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?
    Tree pose is my all-time favorite; it is where I feel the strongest and most grounded. There are so many different variations to try that it always feels like a new posture.

    Where is the coolest place you’ve done yoga?
    On beaches in Hawaii, Mexico, and most recently, in a treehouse in the jungle of Nicaragua.

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    I don’t eat a lot of candy, but when I do, it’s by the color!

    What is your favorite surf fun fact?
    That there are surf competitions specific to dogs!

  • Telara

    Tell us a bit about who you are:
    After spending several years in corporate Calgary, I realized that I needed to bring my passion for yoga, and the beliefs that I have in its physical and mental benefits, to this wonderful community of Evanston. Being from a small town in northern BC originally, it is instilled in me that strong communities can create a support network like no other – and that is what I want to create for Illume.

    Something inside of me lights up every time I practice yoga, and this light gives me strength in so many aspects of my life. I want to provide a space for others to have this feeling, which is why I named the studio “Illume”.

    What training have you completed?
    I completed my 200-Hour RYT with Kim McMullen at Alberta Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Calgary. I then went on to complete a Yoga for Trauma workshop with Hala Houri, M.A. in Seattle, Washington.

    Most recently, I attended a 5-day Bikram Yoga Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica with Rajashree Choudhury, Emmy Cleaves (Bikram’s most senior teacher), and Doreen Wiggins, MD.   

    I am also a certified Surfset Fitness Instructor.

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    The heat! I was actually afraid to try hot yoga initially, because I didn’t think I would handle the heat well. However, I instantly fell in love with it. It felt incredible, and I couldn’t get over how I was getting this intense relaxation feeling while dripping what felt like gallons of sweat on my mat. I also am a firm believer that finding hot yoga when I did, in what was an extremely challenging year for me, was what helped me get through it all; it provided me with strength, both mentally and physically, and it gave me a sense of peace that I could not find anywhere else.

    What is your favourite yoga pose, and why?
    Standing Head to Knee pose is my favourite, because I find it the most challenging. I will admit though that I have yet to master it, and I’m not sure that I ever will, but something about it makes me extremely determined to keep trying. I also find that it is one of the poses that really teaches me how to focus – both on and off my mat.  

    Where is the coolest place that you’ve done yoga?
    I did a lot of my traveling before I discovered yoga – I trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, spent a couple of months in Australia, and wandered through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Although I did not do the physical practice of yoga at the time, I realize now that my travels brought me through so many components of the 8 Limbs of Yoga – especially in Nepal. I learned true compassion, contentment, spirituality…and I learned a lot about myself. That being said, now that I am a yogi, I am eager to go back to Nepal one day and practice the physical yoga with the Himalayas surrounding me. Just having done two classes per day with some of the world’s best Bikram teachers in Costa Rica was also pretty darn cool, and I have never felt better than I did after those 5 days.

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    My taste in music! My playlist will shuffle songs by Phaeleh, Gaga, Elvis, Tool, The XX, Bieber, Ice Cube – it’s very random! Don’t worry though, they aren’t that random in my classes. I’m also a country girl at heart…good luck stopping me from two-stepping if a good ol’ country song comes on, or getting me to stay off a quad if one is in front of me.

    Favourite Surf Fun Fact
    Someone who hangs around a beach pretending to be a surfer, but isn’t, is called a “hodad”.

  • Kim

    Tell us a bit about who you are:
    I opened the first hot yoga studio in Calgary, and owned and operated the studio for eleven years. I’ve since sold my studio, but still train yoga teachers and have been training them for the past 8 years. I’ve trained with some of the best yoga teachers in the world, including spending 2 ½ months with Bikram Choudhury. I’ve also taught many of the wonderful yoga teachers teaching here in Calgary and beyond.  I live in beautiful Bragg Creek and have two incredible twin daughters. I love to teach strong challenging classes, but in a way that everyone feels welcome to work at their own level to strengthen their body and calm their mind.

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    My best friend took me to my first hot yoga class, and I was instantly hooked. I loved that I could get a feeling of healing, challenge, and spirituality all in one experience.  15 years later, I still believe that yoga is the perfect vehicle to help us open our hearts while at the same time healing our body.

    What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?
    It’s a toss-up between Camel and Savasana – both are poses of mastery!!! Camel pose has so many benefits – stretches the internal organs, heals the spine, and opens the heart! Savasana is a pose where we master the mind, reduce stress, and connect to our heart and soul. Both are my favorite!

    Where is the coolest place you’ve done yoga?
    I’ve done yoga in a lot of cool places with my teacher trainings, as well as in my personal travels. I’ve taught yoga on a dock in Salmon Arm, and I’ve practiced on the Oregon Coast with my cousins, and with a group of neighbours and friends in Costa Rica.

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    I love spreadsheets and yoga both equally!   I love working with numbers and entrepreneurs/business, and I love the whole “yoga off the mat” side of yoga too.  Which I guess isn’t that quirky (some people like to tell stories about me and One Direction, but I will leave that until I know you better!)

  • Ashley

    Tell us a bit about who you are.

    I am a creative thinker who loves learning from others. I spend my winters skiing and summers hiking – the mountains are a whole new experience for me. My friends and family are very important to me.

    What training have you completed?
    200 Hr Alberta Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Kim McMullen

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    My first hot yoga class. I went to a Moksha Hot Yoga studio with my sister and instantly fell in love with the practice.

    What is your favourite yoga pose, and why?
    I couldn’t come up with 1 pose – my favourite is sun salutations. No matter where I am – either in a class surrounded by others or on my own in a hotel room, sun salutations are my favourite way to energize and feel grounded.

    Where is the coolest place you’ve done yoga?
    On top of a mountain.

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    Can’t sit still!

    Favourite Surf Fun Fact:
    Waves transmit energy across the sea

  • Erika

    Tell us a bit about who you are:
    Since a young age I’ve always enjoyed dancing, hopping around, and being around others. I developed my passion for helping and teaching others when I attended post-secondary, where I finished my degree in Psychology from the U of C in 2013. This led into my career in mental health, providing support to those living with severe mental illness. My yoga journey began only recently in June of 2014 when I laid down for the first time on my mat in the hot studio. I immediately felt the calming and energizing duality that yoga can bring. From this point, yoga became an integral part of my life journey. Because of the amazing benefits that yoga provided both mentally and physically, I was determined for more! I wanted to be able to provide these same positive effects to others around me. I was very fortunate and accepted into Hot Yoga Teacher Training in September of 2014.

    What training have you completed?
    I have completed the Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Alberta Hot Yoga Teacher Training and have been to various yoga workshops, focusing on pose alignment and foundational support, and posture clinics. I hope to complete a Yin Yoga training in 2016.

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    After university, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. During this time, I struggled with my illness and the debilitating physical and emotional symptoms it brought on. I was hopeless, defeated. During my darkest of days, I decided that something needed to change. I remember an old friend mentioning yoga. For some reason this idea sparked in me, and I decided to try it out for the first time. My life changed completely in that moment. Yoga is the union of the mind, body, and soul – I definitely needed this balance. Yoga created that union between my heart and my brain, which were on completely separate paths. Since stepping on my mat that first June morning, my recovery journey began and my hope and passion for life returned. I was hooked on this thing called Yoga, and brightness and positivity took over in my life.

    What is your favourite yoga pose, and why?
    I really enjoy half pigeon pose, for a variety of reasons (so bear with me!). The intense hip-opening of this pose really challenges my focus and concentration during the longer-held time, but also allows me to release tension built-up in the big hip joints – the emotional store centers of our bodies! Half-pigeon pose also reminds me of the qualities of patience, pride, and letting go. This pose allows me to practice letting go of ego, which always wants me to quickly move on and push farther beyond my bodies capabilities into King Pigeon pose. Thus, half-pigeon allows me to practice being patient and content with my body, my flexibility, and my strength. Everytime I leave this pose, I feel rejuvenated and calm. This is one of my favourite benefits from yoga practice!

    Where is the coolest place you’ve done yoga?
    The coolest place I’ve done yoga was when I visited family on a small French island called Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, but it definitely was the opposite of cool there! Practicing yoga on the white sand in front of the beautiful sunrise was a thrilling experience. Linking my breath to the crashing waves on the beach was so connecting: to the earth, to others, to myself. Beach yoga = definitely a must-try!

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    I really really really cannot stand the scratching of metal cutlery on dishes (like nails on a chalkboard!)… so I only eat with plastic cutlery. Quirky!

    Favourite Surf Fun Fact:
    The Guinness Book of World Records holds that the most people to ever stand on one surf board is 47 individuals. Talk about connection!

  • Raju

    Tell us a bit about who you are:
    I was born in India, moved to a farm in BC when I was 12, and then moved to Calgary when I was 24. I have a little dashund named Meeko. I’m open to new experiences. I go with a flow and I’m very easy going. I’m a people person because I feel that we learn by interacting with others, we are all connected, and need each other. I enjoy physical activities in addition to yoga such as hiking, walking, and stairs.

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    I was hooked to yoga because the heat. I love hot yoga!

    What is your favourite yoga pose, and why?
    I truly enjoy all of the poses equally!

    Where is the coolest place that you’ve done yoga?
    Coolest place where I’ve practiced yoga was Banff in the mountains.

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    Most days I eat breakfast for dinner. Peanut butter on toast with hot milk and oat meal.

  • Meagan

    I love travelling and seeing the world it helps me gain perspective and remember the important things in life. I also love my fur baby, family and friends. I am so thankful for this yoga community that nourishes my heart and soul and fills me with eternal gratitude & happiness.

    What training have you completed?
    I completed 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2012, 100 Hour BV Teacher Training in 2014 and 15 Hour Yin Yoga Advanced Teacher Training in 2015.

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    Yoga found me when I needed it the most. Coming from a competitive sports background, yoga felt like the first time I actually started listening to my body, heart and soul.

    What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?
    My favorite pose is Standing Bow Pulling Pose. It requires determination, strength and balance, you feel both fierce and graceful at the same time.

    Where is the coolest place you’ve done yoga?
    It’s a tie between the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland & the beaches of Maui, Hawaii.

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    I am obsessed with my dog and I kiss his third eye (that spot right between the eyes) every day, he loves it.

  • Chantel

    Tell us a bit about who you are:

    When I’m not on the mat or in the studio, I’m walking dogs! I am very grateful and absolutely love the work I do. Being a Dog Walking Yoga Teacher is something that grew from my first Yoga Teacher Training. My days are full of laughs as the dogs clown around! My favorite season is Winter. I love warm cuddly clothes, leg warmers and slippers after a day playing in the snowflakes and warming up on the mat!

    I completed 200 hours of training with Kim McMullen of Alberta Hot Yoga. As well as two Yin trainings with Breathe School of Yoga & Yoga Passage. Upcoming I will be taking another 200 hours of Hatha Yoga Training with Jana Roemer & Sarah Zanderbeek in Thailand!

    What got you hooked on yoga?

    I’ve been hooked right from the first time I stepped on the mat. Although my first class was with a group of friends, it became the first thing I’ve ever done that I didn’t need someone to come with me. The alone time in the presence of others is what had me going back to the mat as often as I could.

     What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?

    Tuladanadasana, Balancing Stick. By far, my favorite posture! It’s so intense. Everything is fired up, you’re working so hard and it brings the body into such straight lines. Breath taking, physically and visually!

    Where is the coolest place you’ve done yoga?

    Comox, BC. Yoga is definitely a way of life on the Island. There are so many beautiful place to practice, my fave is the Kingfisher!

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?

    The quirkiest thing about me is I play Darts. I have since before I was a teenager! I’ve never hit a 180 but I can get multiple Bulls-eyes. I played competitively as a kid and now for pleasure. My Sister & I are on a team and it’s always a good time!

  • Rosabel

    Tell us a bit about who you are:
    I believe that movement, truly is an art. I feel blessed and am grateful for all I am able to experience through my physical body, which extends to the mind-body connection that is found in yoga. I have a background in martial arts, specifically HapKiDo, and have been keenly interested in fitness for the past couple of years. I have a degree in Biotechnology and currently work for a local tech start-up called Vivametrica.

    What training have you completed?

    I took my 200-hour RYT with Prana Yoga College in Vancouver in 2011. I will finish a 30h Yin/Restorative training with Ning Gao in January 2016. I am a trained HapKiDo black belt at Yoon’s Martial Arts school. Recently I have obtained my NESTA personal training as well as Surfset certifications.

    What got you hooked on yoga?
    I took my first hot yoga class in Japan in 2008. It was an interesting personal experience because I couldn’t actually understand Japanese at the beginning, fortunately the class was a set series so I learned the sequence over time. At the end of the year I could finally manage conversational Japanese and was finally able to speak with the teacher. Since then yoga has been a regular and integral part of my life.

    What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?
    Savasana. This is the point of the practice where your body and mind integrates all of the “work” you did on your mat. A moment of inward awareness and complete relaxation.

    Where is the coolest place you’ve done yoga?
    Bali has some of the most beautiful studios I have experienced.

    What is the quirkiest thing about you?
    Most people will find me calm and even reserved when they first meet me, only a few are privy to my sense of humour and my “big laugh”.

    Favourite Surf Fun Fact
    The Hawaiians referred to surfing as he’enalu, which means “wave sliding.”  For Hawaiians, surfing was a central part of their religion. Surfing not only encompassed deep spiritual links with the ocean, but it was also a way for ceremonial chiefs to assert their dominance.

Hot Yoga Benefits

  • Burns a whole lot of calories during and even after class, which also increases metabolism!
  • Improves brain function
  • Detoxifies and stretches your muscles, organs, glands, joints, nerves, cells, ligaments and tissues
  • Regenerates cells
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Provides low-impact alternative to improving cardio
  • Relieves stress
  • Heals injuries
  • Improves mental and physical health
  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Tones and restores your body
  • Stimulates digestive, lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems
  • Flushes out the central nervous system and heals the spine
  • Compliments other sports training


Introducing Surfset

Are you ready to shake up your routine & see real results?

Our School of Thought

Let’s shake things up, literally. SURFSET® is all about getting away from the traditional static workout and challenging your body in new ways. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core & stabilizer muscles and shock the system to create real change inside & out. The body builder look is out & the lean surfer physique is in. You have to train like an athlete to build an athletic body type, and that means multi-planar movements that engage the body & mind in challenging and unique ways.

The traditional image of a surfer’s body is lean and long-limbed, with tight, well-defined muscles and very little body fat.

A surfer is lean without looking weak, and muscular without the bulk. Sharp muscle lines are perfectly symmetrical, and overall body balance creates that enviable athletic physique. Paddling builds shoulder definition, strengthens the lower back muscles, and increases cardiovascular fitness. Duck-diving through waves builds arm strength: tricep strength in particular. The pop-up maneuver engages the core and pectoral muscles, and helps to build explosive power. And the actual process of standing and riding the wave increases leg strength, flexibility, and engages all the postural muscles.

Core Strength

Everything stems from the core. SURFSET® will turn your abs into a six-pack powerhouse through instability training that requires focus & control. And progression is the name of the game. Our workouts are designed with a built in facility to continually challenge & push through plateaus.

Fat Burn

Intervals of high-intensity aerobic training on the board will build your endurance & torch body fat. We believe that short bursts of high energy are the most effective way to change the shape of your body without causing prolonged use injuries or allowing your system to accommodate & stop seeing change

Lean Muscle

Surfers are the perfect picture of long & lean. SURFSET® promotes compound & functional movements that challenge all the tiny little stabilizers in your body along with the major muscle groups to shape toned & strong limbs and rev up your metabolism. We promise you’ll start seeing & feeling results in less than a week.

Our Fitness Mission

We don’t believe in isolation. We can’t isolate our muscles from one another, or our bodies from their environment. SURFSET® is a full body approach inspired by one of the world’s most athletic sports, and the benefits are not limited to one field of fitness. We draw from the real movements of surfing to create workouts that build balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle & coordination. SURFSET® classes are structured for optimal fat burn, muscle build & improved balance. 45 minutes of surf-inspired movements structured in intervals to push past plateaus. Imagine combining the cardio benefits of Spinning® with the muscle benefits of TRX® training & the core benefits of working out on a Bosu® ball. Now throw in some waves & make it fun!

4 Signature Programs

We’ve designed 4 Signature SURFSET® Programs to deliver maximum results for all fitness levels. SURFSET® Balance, Burn, Build & Blend are each structured in custom intervals to shock our body systems and create real change. Whether you’re interested in improving stability & body control, burning fat, building lean muscle or achieving total body fitness, there is a SURFSET® program for you.

Balance is yoga-inspired; Burn is high-intensity, high-tempo; Build is focused on strength & definiton; Blend is our interval-based core session that combines it all.



  • We recommend you either refrain from eating or eat very lightly two hours before class, but ensure you hydrate well throughout the day. Try to drink lots of water after class.
  • Wear light, non-restrictive clothing that you are comfortable stretching in, and be prepared to sweat in them.
  • A water bottle, yoga mat, and a towel. We do have mats and towels available for purchase or rent, if you should need them.
  • Please make it part of your yoga practice to arrive early. Getting to class about 15 minutes early can help you sign in, place your mat, acclimatize to the heat, and even enjoy a little shavasana prior to class! If it is your first class at the studio, we will require you to arrive 15 minutes early to complete any paperwork and have a quick orientation. We will be open at least 30 minutes before every yoga class, so feel free to come even earlier!
  • If you do not arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your registered class, the door may be locked and/or we may have to give your spot away. You will not be permitted in the class if the class has started. First-timers must arrive 15 minutes prior to class. Late arrivals will be considered no-shows, and will be charged accordingly. Cancellations for hot yoga must be made at least 30 minutes prior, and for SurfSET Fitness at least 4 hours prior, otherwise you may be charged accordingly. Please see the Cancellation Policy on our Mindbody page for further details.
  • Perfect! You do not have to be flexible to start yoga; it’s about increasing your flexibility to protect your mobility for the future.
  • That’s completely normal. We encourage you to come to the studio early to start acclimatizing to the temperature, and we welcome you to lie back on your mat any time throughout the practice.
  • Please remove your shoes at the door. Everyone will be barefoot at the studio, and we like to keep it as sparkling clean in there as possible!
  • Yes, we have private showers in the change rooms - we just ask that all showers be limited to 2 minutes.
  • We have made the decision to not sell bottled water in the studio, so please remember to bring your water bottle. If you forget to bring your water, we do have reusable water bottles available for purchase - which you can fill at our filtered water station. Alternatively, you can purchase water from one of our friendly neighbours in Evanston Towne Centre.
  • All devices must be left outside of the classrooms, with the ringers off. If you can come to the studio without bringing your phone in, that’s even better.
  • It sometimes takes about 3 classes for your body and mind to understand the postures. During the next 10 classes, digestion and respiration, as well as endocrine, lymphatic and elimination systems will begin to work harmoniously. Your appetite will normalize and unhealthy cravings will disappear. All of these results will help to normalize your weight if you devote yourself to regular practice at least 3 times per week.
  • Great, and welcome to the club! Unlike sports and other types of exercise, yoga is difficult to overdo. The more often you come, the greater the benefits.
  • The minimum age for regular classes is 15 years old. All practitioners under 18 years old will need written consent from their parents or guardians.
  • Talking or whispering in the yoga studio can disrupt others’ meditations, so please refrain from doing so. This includes before the class while you are waiting for the teacher to start.
  • Please come prepared (with enough water etc.) to stay in the studio throughout the entire class, including final savasana, as leaving could interrupt other practitioners’ meditations. The teacher will acknowledge when the class is over. If you do need to leave during class, please signal the teacher to let them know if you are okay or require assistance.
  • Please do not bring any glass into the building. We do not want anyone to step on glass in their bare feet if it should break.
  • What else do I need to know?
    • When talking outside of the classrooms, please talk quietly. We want to ensure the noise does not carry into the yoga room and disturb anyone’s meditation.
    • Please keep your eyes on your own practice. Nobody’s practice will look the same, and we want to ensure we are creating a safe environment that is free from judgement.
    • Please always practice in a manner that is safe for yourself and those around you.
    • Please stop by the front desk and check in with the desk worker, even if you have signed in online.
    • Please choose wisely when purchasing your passes; all sales are non-refundable and cannot be shared or transferred.


We know that different things work for different bodies, so we offer a variety of classes for you to choose from. Each class will provide different benefits, and the classes will be structured in a way that you can know what to expect. If you are ever unsure of which class is for you, please feel free to come in and chat with us – we’ll be happy to help!


Hot Traditional

Traditional Hot classes consist of a series of postures and breathing exercises. The practice is designed for all levels, and includes both a standing series and a floor series. This therapeutic yet challenging class systematically works the entire body, incorporating strength, balance and flexibility. The class will stimulate your mind, and restore and reshape your body. Regular practice can also reduce chronic pain and rehab injuries, while providing peace of mind. You will improve your self-control and focus in this class, for all aspects of your life – improving your overall mental and physical health.

Hot Flow

This class links breath to dynamic movement to get the heart rate up and to challenge the student in balance, cardio, strength and technique. Flowing from one posture to the next will help you to develop physically and mentally, improve your flexibility, and increase your overall fitness and energy levels.

Hot Power Flow

This 60-65 minute dynamic, energizing and challenging style of yoga links breath control and movement through sequences that are mixtures of sun salutations, standing postures and floor work. The smooth, continuous flow develops core strength, improves balance, deepens the breath, and increases endurance and flexibility. You will leave these classes with a renewed mental and physical energy.

Hot Fusion

This class combines postures and detoxifying qualities of Traditional Hot class, with the intensity and movements of the Hot Flow, to give you the best of both practices.


Developed to expand flexibility by penetrating deep into connective tissues within the body, Yin classes aid healing, increase circulation in the joints, and improve energy. Most of the class consists of floor work at a slow-pace, and poses are held for long periods of time.

Hot Core

Flow through a variety of poses in a class designed to target your core and spine. Moving with breath, balancing, and a floor series to strengthen the core and spine will all be incorporated in this class.

Hot Happy Hips

Flow through a variety of poses designed to strengthen and open your hips and the muscles that depend on them, release tension and negative emotions, improve alignment, and ease back pain.

Child Minding

Want to work out but don’t have a babysitter? We’ve got you covered - we offer child minding during certain classes so you can still find your zen. Rules apply.

We will also offer specialized classes and workshops, so keep an eye out on our website and social media pages! Private and Private Group classes are also available; ask in studio for details.

Prices – GST Not Included


2060 Symons Valley Pkwy NW, Unit #2016
Evanston Towne Centre
Calgary, AB T3P 0M9

We are just minutes off of Stoney Trail in Calgary's northwest, providing easy access to so many communities!

Parking: There are tons of free parking spots in the lot! We just ask that you try to avoid parking directly in front of our neighbours' stores.

Your feedback is important to us! Please feel free to contact us using the following form if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

403 454-YOGA

If you are interested in teaching or other opportunities at Illume, please feel free to submit your resume and certificates to
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